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Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken

on July 31, 2011

Renovation on a building in my town.

In the dead of winter my son was climbing in our apricot tree.  One of the branches broke as he was standing on it.  I am pleased to see the new growth.

Broken wall

Old shed without window or door

My little guy was heartbroken because of some or other cousin spat.  Of course, five minutes later all was forgiven and off they went to play.


8 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken

  1. Robin says:

    Love the selection … That first one looks a bit more than just renovating. Hmmmm …

    • supersnails says:

      Thanks Robin. The first picture is of a church building in my town. They are busy changing a whole section of the building and I noticed that the roof was off on Saturday.

  2. Kamakshi says:

    The last one is just soooo cute! reminds me of happier younger times of my own!!

  3. I like the broken wall. Kids can be so cruel sometimes.

  4. ceceliafutch says:

    The photos are great, and the little guy is too too too precious! Love your header. . .you are right, those eyes are mezmerizing.

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